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AVG Secure VPN gives you a secure and private connection to unrestricted internet access. It does that by encrypting your connection so nobody can snoop on your online activity. The result? Secure and private access to any site — anywhere, anytime. What you do online is your business. AVG Secure VPN keeps it that way.

Simple and powerful VPN service.
Download your VPN, install it, and join a secure connection with the click of a button.

Military-grade encryption.
Encryption levels of 256 bit AES standards secure your online activity from prying eyes.

Streaming support: over 50 locations to choose from.
Our dedicated streaming servers help you keep up with your favorite shows on the go.

Works in up to 5 devices simultaneously

This VPN is not just for your Windows PC: use it on your MacAndroid and iOS device.

Keeps your online
activity private
An encrypted connection means nobody sees what you do online. That includes hackers, your ISP, and even the government.





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